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Thursday March 28th 2019
get out of my shed
On this weeks show we discussed some of our thoughts on vaccines after the revelation this week that unvaccinated children would be banned from public places in parts of New York.. We also touched on the HPV vaccine.  Also discussed were our thoughts on Brexit.  We also considered the idea of streaming LIVE on YouTube aswell as on internet radio... the jury is still out on this one.  We talked about the effects of Elastine on the body and why women should remove their bra's.  Barbara-Ann  said she would read and review the book "Dressed To Kill" which talks in depth about elastine.

We also ran a competition related to our kitchen press where listeners were asked to guess how many mugs / cups were in our kitchen press.... and the winner was Gwynne who was closest with a guess of 65... there were in fact 75! as counted by James.  Barbara-Ann also discovered Steven's latest gadget that was left on the desk instead of going directly to the shed... The importance of having a tool in your toolbox, even if it is not immediately needed. 

Children and mobile phones / tablets?  We had a quick chat about very young children having access to this type of technology aswell as teenagers and their addiction to their cellphones.  Holly joined us towards the end of the show and sang a song.


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2's Company with Barbara-Ann & Steven

2's Company with Barbara-Ann & Steven

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