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We started off this evenings show talking about the farmers protest in Dublin city centre and the effect it had on other motorists. Steven has a mini rant about the government.... We also spoke about our plans for the 17th of January, also known as Barbara-Ann's birthday.

Steven also plays his Kazzoo..... badly. LOL and Holly has to pop in to let us know she felt sick...

We talked about Prine Harry and his bombshell that overshadows Prince Andrew and his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Ireland to hold a general election, yippee.... if only the voting system actually worked we might be able to make a difference.... but unfortunately all parties in my opinion are just clowns, all in the same circus.....


Peter in Australia recorded some snippets from last weeks show and did some clever editing... lol.  We also educated Peters good lady (Lisa) with some Irish slang.... which she found amusing.  We also spoke about voilence in video games and on TV and the recent murder in Ireland where a 17 year old teenager was killed and had his body dismembered...




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Two's Company with Barbara-Ann & Steven

Two's Company with Barbara-Ann & Steven

Husband and wife team Steven and Barbara-Ann are a typical open-minded married couple from a small village in Ireland who enjoy chatting about "stuff". We are live on Peoples Internet Radio each and every Thursday for your listening pleasure, tune in and chat with them in chatroom or live on air. Podcasts also available.


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